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Team Charleston

Upcoming Tournament Info


Hosts: NLG

Date: 2/18

Location: Myrtle Beach

Schedule: "Tourney Machine" App

Field Address: Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium

The Caravelle

6900 N. Ocean Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Resort Name: Caravelle


Call to Make Reservations: 888-976-1429

 Group Name:  G7 Football


 Group Reference Number: 898237


 Group Cut-off Date:  01/26/23

Hotel Blue
705 South Ocean Boulevard 

Myrtle Beach SC, 29577 

Resort Name: Hotel Blue


Call to Make Reservations: 866-951-6806

Group Name:  G7 Football


 Group Reference Number:490735

 Group Cut-off Date:  01/26/23

Captains Quarters Beach Resort
901 S Ocean Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Resort Name: Captains Quarters


Call to Make Reservations: 866-976-9680

 Group Name:  G7 Football


 Group Reference Number: 775784

Landmark Resort
1501 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 

Resort Name: Landmark


Call to Make Reservations: 855-338-0226

 Group Name:  G7 Football


 Group Reference Number: 3695750



 Group Cut-off Date:  01/26/23

Season Schedule
(Subject to change)

2/18 - Myrtle Beach, SC (NLG)
3/4 - Charlotte, NC (Blazing)
3/18 Charleston, SC (Blazing)
4/1 - Charlotte, NC (NLG)
5/6 - Concord, NC (Blazing)
5/20 - Matthews, NC (Blazing) 


Hotel Block Options - Myrtle (2/17-2/19)

  • Tournament FAQs:
    Q: How many games will be played?
    A: Usually 3-4 each day; pool play on Saturday, and then double elimination on Sunday until there is a tournament champ for each age group.  

    Q: What should we bring?
    A: Jersey, bookbag, water/Gatorade etc (they have concessions at stadium, but feel free to pack a small cooler).  NOTEIF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR COACH NEEDS A COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR REGISTRATION PRIOR TO GAME 1


Q: What are the rules?

A: See overview @​ 

Q: What do we do Friday/Saturday when we aren't playing or practicing?
A: Up to you!  Rest/grab food/spend time with teammates, use best judgement but 100% up to you and your family. 


Q: Is there an entry fee to watch?

A: Yes, there is a $20 entry fee for parents/spectators


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