QB Bootcamp

The Boot Camp experience is designed for serious QBs who want to learn or polish the skills and fundamentals required to play the position at a high level. Quarterbacks will receive classroom training on recognizing defensive fronts and coverages as well as a review of route trees and popular passing concepts. We will also provide recruiting tips and expertise to help Quarterbacks navigate the process of playing at the next level.

On the field we will work on arm care, proper passing biomechanics, and the footwork skills necessary to execute drop back passes, RPOs, Sprint-outs, Play-action Passes and Screens. We will work on making all of the throws on the route tree, incorporating movement keys and progression reads into delivering the ball to the correct target on time in common route combinations. Each camp will conclude with a competition to assess each QBs ability to execute all of the above under pressure. At the conclusion of camp, we will follow up with a written evaluation of each QB's performance.


May 15-16

July 17-18


CSD Athletic Fields 

13828 Beatties Ford Rd 

Huntersville, NC, 28078