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G7 WR Clinic

Charleston, SC 
Registration: Open 

What We Teach:

  1. Leadership and Expectations
    1. Pre-Snap Routine

    2. Coverage Recognition and Vulnerabilities

    3. Key Fundamentals of Passing the Football

    4. Key Fundamentals of Footwork

  2. Warm-Up Routine

  3. Footwork

  4. Routes

    1. Hitch, Slant, Quick Out

    2. Out, Curl, Dig

    3. Post, Corner

    4. Go, Comeback


  • Competitive drills and competitions
  • Live routes with QB's

Speak With Camp Adviser

General Info

*We are excited to host a 3 hour QB & WR Clinic Friday March 17th in Charleston, SC.  See info below and kindly fill out registration form to secure your spot!



First Baptist High School

2051 George L Griffith Blvd, Charleston, SC 29412


Friday 3/17

5:00 - 8:00 PM


10 - 17



WR Clinic: Registration Form
Charleston, SC (3/17)

Thanks for submitting!

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