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To spread the Word and the game of Football; we want to put a Bible and a football in the hands of as many kids as possible!
What we believe...

Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. Because of our love of Jesus, ALL kids are welcome at G7 regardless of faith, race or socio-economic status.
...About 7 on 7

7 on 7 should be developmental and translate to success in real football.We welcome and will help create opportunities for high school teammates to play together. Kids should be taught to compete, to earn playing time/success and to be great teammates.
...About Training
Training should be based on the development of excellent fundamental skills. Once basic fundamentals are mastered, we then can build on that foundation with additional training that translates into success on the field at all levels of football.
  • Teach football to help people become the best Players, Coaches and Humans God intended us to be through correct fundamental instruction in competitive environments with Christian core values.
  • Operate a highly respected 7 on 7 program that is focused on skill development that will translate into success in real football.
  • Offer the highest-quality private and group training that is based on solid fundamentals and positive relationships.
  • Offer life skills development opportunities through partners who share our Faith and our desire to help others.
  • Establish a flag football program for Boys and Girls.
  • Provide need-based scholarships to our camps, clinics, trainings and 7on 7 club for deserving student-athletes.
  • Operate a comprehensive, effective and valuable Quarterback camp that provides QBs the tools to be successful in any level of football.

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